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Hawaiian Shirt Day

Tivoli Enterprise Console Development/Verification Team
IBM/Tivoli Software Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
The Whole Hawaiian Gang

...and the winner with the Ugliest Hawaiian Shirt is....

Rick Bourbina
Rick in Hawaiian Shirt
Wow! Did that thing come with batteries, Rick???

...of course, coming in with a very close second place finish...

Bill Jameson
Bill in Hawaiian Shirt
Don't tell Bill, but we all secretly think that this was a lampshade from the 70's

...the rest of the contestants, in alphabetical order...

Alex da Silva
Alex in Hawaiian Shirt

Denilson Nastacio
Denilson in Hawaiian Shirt

Greg Perkins
Greg in Hawaiian Shirt
"The Perkster"

Jack O'Donnell
Jack in Hawaiian Shirt

Steven Broughton
Steven in Hawaiian Shirt

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