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The Perkster's Picks

Links to some of my favorite sites

General Programming Relevant Sites

The one stop site for all the Java Developer's needs!!!
Home of the Java Developer's Kit.
Linux Security
A must see site for Linux users!!!
Metrowerks Worldwide
The home of "CodeWarrior" - the best IDE on the market!!!
Try it before you buy it - CodeWarrior Lite.
My Resume
The Perkster's resume.
Tripod Homepage
The absolute best place to obtain your own, free web-site.

Game Programming Links

CyberFrog's Homepage
Great source of information and help for the beginning game programmer.
Includes: game programming utilities, source code, and many more links.
The Programmer's Lair
Tons of links and information for the game programmer.
Includes: free/downloadable graphics library that includes source code.
Xtreme Games
Most comprehensive game programming site on the internet and home of Andre Lamothe.
Includes: extensive technical information, help, and links.

Graphic and Image Creation

The Background Boutique Two
Another fine source of FREE original backgrounds to add life to all your web publications.
Celine's Original .GIFs
A terrific archive of images available for free - spice up ALL your web sites.

Digital Music Production

Custer Digital Music
Customized Digital Music for all your programming needs!!!
A must "hear" site for the serious programmer.

Sites of Interest to The Perkster

Blue Mountain Arts
Personalize and send a FREE musical electronic greeting card.
Hot Wheels
The perfect site for the serious die-cast car collector.
Magic Cave
An amazing display of cybermagic! Be sure to check this one out!
Oracle Service - Humor Archives
Outstanding Humor Archive Site - find the perfect joke.

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