PROGRAM SortArray;
{Programmer:	Gregory A. Perkins
				CS 65}

{Creates an Array with the data in any order - Sorts the data sequentially}
{Programmed and tested to be enplaced in a program at a later date as a procedure}

{Declarations Section}
CONST MaxElements = 100;
TYPE NumArray = ARRAY[1..MaxElements] OF INTEGER;
VAR Data : NumArray;
    Elements, Number, Count, Replace, HighVal : INTEGER;

{Initialization Section}
Elements := 0; Number := 0; Count := 0;
Replace := 0; HighVal := 0;

{Get the number of elements in the array from user}
WRITE('Enter the number of elements (MAX = 100) in your Array : ');

{Read in the values of the user's array}
FOR Count := 1 TO Number DO
		WRITE('Element #', Count:1, ' : ');
{Display the "ENTERED" array}
WRITELN('Here is the array that you entered...');
FOR Count := 1 TO Number DO
	WRITE(Data[Count]:1, ' : ');

{Sort the array sequential from lowest value to highest value}
WRITELN('Now Sorting Array!!!');


Elements := Number; {used as a loop counter in the 'sorter'}

WHILE (Elements >= 2) DO
	BEGIN {while statement}
		Replace := 0; {reset to test for changes made}
		HighVal := 0; {reset to ensure value integrity}
		FOR Count := 1 TO Elements DO
			BEGIN {loop}
				IF (Data[Count] > HighVal) THEN
					BEGIN {conditional to change values}
						HighVal := Data[Count]; {set to value currently checking}
						Replace := Count; {save position of element to replace}
					END; {  }
			END; {of FOR loop}
		{Ensure that a change has been made before moving elements}
		IF (Replace > 0) THEN
				Data[Replace] := Data[Elements];
				Data[Elements] := HighVal;
		{Decrease elements counter to escape while loop}
		Elements := Elements - 1; {decrease range to check within array}
	END; {of WHILE loop}

WRITELN('Here is your ''sorted'' array...');
FOR Count := 1 TO Number DO
	WRITE(Data[Count]:1 , ' : ');

END. {of program}