Crown Quest

Game Description

This is a strategy board game played by two players who have very different goals to win. One player is the 'King', or the 'Ruler', and that player has only one playing piece. The other player is the 'People', or the 'Subjects' and that player has 15 playing pieces. The game proceeds until the 'King' escapes the realm by reaching the opposite end of the playing board or until the 'People' trap the 'King'. The 'King' can send the 'People' to the dungeon by jumping over them on his quest to escape the realm. The 'King' can be captured if the 'People' completely surround him without leaving him a way to send anyone to the dungeon. This game is a mix between, and a pleasant alternative to, checkers and chinese checkers.

Initial Implementation

The initial implementation will be very limited in options and unfortunately will make use of text-based graphics. It will be implemented as a player vs. computer, one-player ONLY game with the player restricted to playing the side of the 'King'.

Future Implementations

Plans for future implementations include allowing players to choose which side they will play {King or People} vs. computer, player vs. player {local}, and player vs. player {internet}. The game is currently being written in C, but future implementations might also be developed in Java for interactive gaming pages. The first change to occur in transition from the initial implementation will be to convert the game to a GUI interface; this will make the game MUCH more enjoyable and a little less archaic.

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