Final Phase

Game Description

A challenging, rummy-like card game. The game consists of a series of phases which players must complete before their opponents. The first player to reach and complete the 'Final Phase' wins the game. If a player completes a phase, he may advance to the next phase while leaving all the other players behind. If two or more players reach and complete the 'Final Phase' in the same round, the player with the most points is the winner. Players gain points by 'going out' {playing ALL cards in hand} and by leaving their opponents on previous phases, thereby collecting points for the remaining cards in their opponents hands.

Initial Implementation

The game will be initially implemented as a one-player vs. computer game with three levels of play {Joker, Ace, and Card Sharp}. The initial implementation will not include extensive graphics and will contain no sound.

Future Implementations

Plans for future implementations include the addition of graphics depicting the other players, music, sound effects, rude comments from computer opponents, and more levels of play. Future editions will also include multiple players {two to six} with and without computer players, and internet play.

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