Patrol Leader

Game Description

Prepare to enter the world of military small unit tactics and adventure. Step into the combat boots of the 'Patrol Leader' and lead a squad of Airborne Rangers on covert combat missions behind enemy lines. As the 'Patrol Leader' you are responsible for ensuring that rehearsals are completed, task organization is established, and necessary supplies are distributed prior to conduct of the mission. Of course, your unit only has a limited amount of time to accomplish all the required tasks, so you as the leader must decide which tasks are the most critical to the current, or upcoming, mission. During the mission, the leader must react and make quick decisions concerning the mission. Chance contact with the enemy, traps, ambushes, and actions on the objective are just a few of the possible scenarios that can occur. This is a role-playing, adventure-type game.

Initial Implementation

The game will be initially implemented as a text-based, role-playing adventure. To aid in smooth game flow and player enjoyment, all dice rolls will be done behind the scenes. There will be map views showing the patrol's current position, primary route, alternate route, objective, etc and limited sound effects produced primarily through the computer's PC speaker. The initial implementation will only contain 10 different missions. However, the missions can be replayed over and over again with different results producing hundreds of different possibilities.

Future Implementations

Plans for future implementations include more missions and a 'Career Soldier' option which would allow the player to complete a series of missions and get promoted, or demoted, based on the player's success as a leader. Future plans also include the addition of short movie clips and sounds depicting mission preparations, movement, and contact.

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